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Had a couple of costume redesigns I’d had in my head for a while, decided to whip them up last night. Above is Alpha Flight’s Puck, below is what is maybe a second- or third-generation Daredevil (If you’re curious about the holster, i picture it as a nearly-silent air-powered pistol. Thought it’d be neat to have some more weapons on the guy…)


The Amazing Spider-Bat

What happens when you blend Spider-man with Batman.
For starters you get these great amalgam character designs by the very talented EricGuzman

The Joking Goblin
Deadshot The Hunter
Doctor Octofreeze
Poison Scorpion

I kind of want to see a comic or cartoon with these guys in it.




1) Daredevil by Alex Maleev

2) Daredevil by Paolo Rivera

3) Daredevil by Chris Samnee on Tumblr

4) Daredevil by Loic Zimmermann

5) Daredevil Noir by Tomm Coker

6) Daredevil by Mike Kevan on Tumblr

7) Daredevil by Joe Quesada

8) Daredevil by Steve McNiven

9) Daredevil by Marko Djurdjevic

10) Daredevil by Alex Ross

Just gonna reblog this because I doubt I will ever see myself sharing such prestigious company again,

Congrats Mike!

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After we first posted the Cyborg Ronin sketch we got a bunch of requests for what it would look like as full cyborg, so I did a quick photoshop job and made a full cyborg and no cyborg version. 

So, do you like it?






Imogen Heap helps invent gloves that will “change the way we make music”

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I don’t think anyone could possibly imagine what having these would mean to me

theres too much you could do with this i wouldnt know what to do oh god

this is so fucking COOL

The Mi.Mu Glove is on Kickstarter, the campaign ends May 3.

It’s really exciting to see what people might do with hacking them. So, the software is gonna be open-source, and so is the hardware.

Considering how much data the gloves are able to process (right down to specific gestural input), and the fact that the gloves are wireless, this could go far beyond music. Mix these gloves with the Oculus Rift, and they might just become the solution for controller-free VR Input.

I really, really hope the campaign is funded.

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The “do and don’t do” of getting a job in the land of opportunity ‘MERICUH.

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The significance of plot without conflict


In the West, plot is commonly thought to revolve around conflict: a confrontation between two or more elements, in which one ultimately dominates the other. The standard three- and five-act plot structures—which permeate Western media—have conflict written into their very foundations. A “problem” appears near the end of the first act; and, in the second act, the conflict generated by this problem takes center stage. Conflict is used to create reader involvement even by many post-modern writers, whose work otherwise defies traditional structure.

The necessity of conflict is preached as a kind of dogma by contemporary writers’ workshops and Internet “guides” to writing. A plot without conflict is considered dull; some even go so far as to call it impossible. This has influenced not only fiction, but writing in general—arguably even philosophy. Yet, is there any truth to this belief? Does plot necessarily hinge on conflict? No. Such claims are a product of the West’s insularity. For countless centuries, Chinese and Japanese writers have used a plot structure that does not have conflict “built in”, so to speak. Rather, it relies on exposition and contrast to generate interest. This structure is known as kishōtenketsu.

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Damn interesting!





Don’t cry don’t cry DON’T CRY DON’T CRY DON’T—


Yeah no but seriously. Read it.

Holy fuck that twist.

That is some fine writing.